Music video for Puerto Rico's experimental rock band Fantasmes, for their single "Fool At The Door" from the band's latest, self-titled record, released in September of 2019.

Fool At The Door is about a journey through uncertainty and the road to peace with oneself, about taking action now or never, and although these are never easy travels, these actions are defining and consequential--similar to the times we are living in. The video portrays the idea of an endlessly cycling journey, mirroring the song's composition, and the visuals are meant to take you on a baffling and harrowing ride of the soul. It follows a man through that journey, bound to repeat his actions but liberating himself in the process.

Directed, Edited, and Photographed by:
Oswaldo Colón-Ortiz 

Produced by:

Executive Producer: 
Discos Casa Fantasmes 

A very special thank you to:
Luis Figueroa Pérez, Marina Reyes Franco, Gustavo Torres Peña and Rolando Meléndez 
Single from the album "Fantasmes", released in 2019 by Discos Casa Fantasmes

Mapora | Casa Fantasmes 2020
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