Web content ad campaign for  Jack Daniel's - The Perfect Gift. They invited artists from South America and the Caribbean to make a special, commissioned art work done with the same barrel wood and charcoal that is used in the making of the extraordinary whiskey that JD is known for world wide. These special art works were later given to a lucky prize winner during the Holidays.  

J. Walter Thompson 

Executive Producer: 
Santos Rivera Montero

Director (Charcoal/Wood):
 Angel Traverso

Director (South America/Caribbean):
Joel Pérez Irizarry 

Editing (Charcoal/Wood): 
Angel Traverso and Oswaldo Colón Ortiz

Editing (South America/Caribbean):
Joel Pérez, Oswaldo Colón Ortiz, Gustavo Torres Peña

Camera (Charcoal/Wood): 
Angel Traverso, Gustavo Torres Peña, Oswaldo Colón Ortiz

Camera (South America/Caribbean):
Joel Pérez, Gustavo Torres Peña, Oswaldo Colón Ortiz,

Latitude 18 Films
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