Shot & Edited:
Paola Isabel Hernández
Oswaldo Colón Ortiz

Puerto Rico Independent Musicians & Artists Fund
 PRIMA is a collective of musicians and artists on a mission to help sustain the independent music community in Puerto Rico. The PRIMA fund was established in October of 2017 to provide emergency aid to musicians and artists in Puerto Rico after the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Maria. Since its initiation, PRIMA has steadily provided $500 micro-grants to individual musicians and artists on the island who suffered economic hardship due to loss of employment, damaged equipment, canceled shows, delayed projects and other detrimental effects brought on by the storm.

PRIMA is now expanding it's support for this vital cultural community through a series of official events to create new opportunities and increased visibility for island-based musicians and artists to showcase their work in the United States. Through PRIMA events and fundraisers we're also building a network throughout the Puerto Rican diaspora to support the creative endeavors of island-based artists. This network is crucial for providing long-term support for independent creative endeavors. PRIMA is partnering with NYC based non-profits Pregones Puerto Rico Traveling Theater who have been dedicated to supporting Puerto Rican artists in all disciplines fro decades. Our partnership allows your contribution to be tax-deductible.

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