“Y SI NO VUELVO,” is a passionate intersection of both visual and aural expertise. juliana’s curation of the lyrics poetically exposes the discouraging angst that comes from transgenerational trauma. A trauma that if not healed is passed on from generation to generation; it requires a transformation at the core, a new starting point from where to free oneself of it. 

Vocals/Lyrics: unÁnima 
Producers: Modestti & Manuel Mendoza Sánchez 
Percussions: Manuel Mendoza Sánchez 
Mixing: Harold Wendell Sanders 
Mastering: Orlando Ferrer 

Director: Oswaldo Colón Ortiz 
Choreography: Paulina Pagán Picó 
Production Company: Filmes Casa 
Producer: Raúl Abner Samrah 
Production Coordinator: Vianca K. Rosario 
Director of Photography: Juan C. Álvarez 
Assistant Camera: Pablo Ascanio 
Grips: Nelson Vega & Juan C. Toro 
Hair & Makeup: Adriana Lebrón 
Editor: Oswaldo Colón Ortiz 
Color: Juan C. Álvarez Production 
Assistant: Shakira Calderón & Zoribel López 
BTS Photos: Manuel Mendoza Sánchez

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